Learn to Read in Small, Phonetic Steps

Your child will love to learn to read phonetically with Superstar Readers!

Once there were two teachers who loved children, loved to read and especially loved teaching children to read. “There are a lot of wonderful books to read to children,” they said. “We need wonderful books that children can read to us!” Together they decided on the most important ingredients needed to draw a child into the magical world of reading.

Why These Books Appeal To Children Why These Books are Easy to Read
Helpful, superhero characters that appear throughout the series Small, fun, easy steps
Rat is in every book (the children love to look for him!) Each new concept is introduced in a series of color-coded books
Each book is only 11 pages long, a perfect length for a new reader Phonetic with few sight words
Engaging storylines which capture a child’s attention Sentence structure based on Piaget’s Theory of Conservation
Delightful illustrations designed to be attractive to a range of ages Rhyming makes the sentences flow and the stories easy to read
Repetition builds self-confidence and a child’s budding reading skills Repetition is used throughout the books to reinforce new letters, words and concepts

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